Jim Richards

Unlock the Power of Your Sponsorships – Setting Expectations

We love sponsorships! They work to increase brand awareness and association with lifestyles, events and organizations. That said, it’s easy for sponsorships to under-deliver against expectations. Why? The problems could lie in your expectations themselves. Not in the expectations for results. Those should stay high. We’re more concerned about what you expect the property to […]

The Market Share Compass – Retail Relevance

For consumer brands, it is important to ask if a sponsorship provides any kind of competitive advantage with retailers. For example, we like NASCAR because a consumer brand can activate regionally with retailers over 40 weeks. When you add up all those regional activations, you get the equivalent of an incremental national holiday promotion. During […]

The Market Share Compass – Media Opportunities

The right content strategy and media plan gives you the opportunity to show your brand’s personality and demonstrate your value to consumers. Good sponsorship properties have plenty of ancillary media opportunities due to the passionate audience they serve. Tapping into existing media and a property that is used to creating content for their audience is […]

The Market Share Compass – Cause Marketing

“Humanity Is Always In Season” Consumers want to support brands that stand for something. Brands that authentically collaborate with non-profit organizations on marketing campaigns can create goodwill, increase their social impact, and grow sales. Humanity is always in season. If a social cause is part of your culture and/or mission, then do not hesitate to […]

The Market Share Compass – VIP Access

While Experience Marketing is typically focused on consumers and large groups, VIP Access is an experience focused on your most important customers and business influencers (i.e. buyers, suppliers). This is an experience that includes a benefit not available to the public. Social distancing and corporate travel restrictions have prevented us from spending time together. Teleconferences […]

The Market Share Compass – Experience Marketing

ACTIVATION After you have selected a property to sponsor, you need to create a marketing solution to activate the sponsorship. Activation is where your sponsorship comes to life — where you take all the components of a sponsorship and focus them on meeting your brand objectives. You cannot simply sponsor a team and wait for […]

The Market Share Compass – Category Exclusivity

Part of the property selection process includes understanding how a property is going to protect your investment. Can they build a mote around your category? On occasion, there are opportunities for multiple brands within a category, but that is rare. This is a key component to the property selection. Once you demonstrate that an affinity […]

The Market Share Compass – Sponsor Property

The first step in any sponsorship is choosing which property to sponsor. This can be a team, league, celebrity, museum, zoo, school, youth athletic club, etc. Any entity that has a viable audience whose lifestyles align with your brand could be worth sponsoring. We have a client who is in their ninth year of a […]

The Market Share Compass

Every year, companies spend billions of dollars on sports and entertainment sponsorships. Why? They work. A well-planned sponsorship delivers on the promise of connecting your brand with an affinity group and turning fans into loyal brand ambassadors. At The Market Share Group, we drive sales for consumer brands with marketing solutions built around sports and […]

Determine Sponsorship Investment

When you start building your sponsorship program, you need to determine a total budget. There is an activation budget and a sponsorship budget that make up that total number. It is important to build out your activation plan first. Then, determine how big your sponsorship needs to be in order to effectively execute your activation […]