The Market Share Compass

The Market Share Compass

Jim Richards

CEO & Founder of The Market Share Group

Every year, companies spend billions of dollars on sports and entertainment sponsorships. Why? They work. A well-planned sponsorship delivers on the promise of connecting your brand with an affinity group and turning fans into loyal brand ambassadors.

At The Market Share Group, we drive sales for consumer brands with marketing solutions built around sports and entertainment sponsorships. Our team has developed a simple methodology and tool to help brands maximize their sponsorship investments. We call it the Market Share Compass, and it works with all budgets and sponsorship properties.

Who can use the Compass:
• Marketing professionals and Brands that are just getting into sponsorships
• Brands that are looking for more value out of their current sponsorship programs
• Sponsorship Properties that are serious about retention and want to serve their current and future sponsors

The Market Share Compass is a guide to help you build a marketing plan that maximizes the value of
your sponsor investment.

The Compass directs you to opportunities that keep your brand front and center with fans and business influencers. There are eight points on our compass that are critical in helping you navigate the sponsorship landscape. Not all points are applicable for every sponsorship, but all are worth considering. Because every client is different, there is always flexibility to include custom brand objectives along the path. There is room for your company’s uniqueness.

The Market Share Compass is designed to help brands, agencies, and properties maximize the value of sponsorship investments. It is a tool that keeps you from getting enamored and caught up with any one single element of a sponsorship. Brands that consider and take advantage of all forms of engagement, Win. Stay focused on the pursuit of relationships with passionate fans. The goal is to turn fans whose lifestyle aligns with your brand into loyal brand ambassadors.

The Market Share Compass keeps you on track and simplifies the pursuit of sponsorship value. Increased sales and brand awareness are closer than you think. If you are making a sponsorship investment or considering walking away from an underperforming investment, let us have a FREE conversation with you about how our team and our tool can help. Contact us at