Sponsorships That Work

We create Marketing Solutions that are Targeted, Effective, and Fun!

Brand Awareness

Turnkey Execution

Measurable Results

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Sponsorships and experiences are highly visible marketing platforms. They work, but the complexity can put a strain on your financial and human resources. You need the assurance your investment is going to deliver against your lofty objectives.

  • Avoid wasting time and money on wrong tactics
  • Avoid aligning with the wrong property
  • Avoid ceding ground to competitors


Our team works 100% for brands to ensure your sponsorships are:

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Sponsorships and experiences put you in direct contact with fans whose lifestyles align with your brand. Fans come together to express their fandom. You know where they gather and can streamline your marketing efforts to reach them.

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You deserve sponsorships and experiences that work. Fans should not have to work to understand how your product adds value to their lives. Our 8-point framework ensures that you effectively connect with consumers and key stakeholders at every touchpoint.

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Your team and customers should be able to enjoy the work and immersive experiences sports and entertainment sponsorships provide. There is also no better term for what it feels like when consumers become fans of your brand. It’s fun!

We leverage our Joe Gibbs Racing sponsorship to ensure race fans know our deli salads are the perfect addition to their race day spread – at home or at the tailgate. The Market Share Group has been an invaluable partner for eleven years in helping us engage with our VIP customers and end consumers through our NASCAR sponsorship.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jim and the Market Share Group since 2018. In the dynamic landscape of Sponsorship Marketing, their expertise shines through. They have consistently evolved and grown their clients’ YOY with CMA’s global marquee events (CMA Fest, CMA Awards, etc.). They are Sponsorship Marketing subject-matter experts, but at the end of the day, they are genuine, forthright, dedicated, and overall enjoyable to work with – which is equally as invaluable in this business.

How it works

Relationship Assessment

First, let’s talk. We’ll have a one-hour assessment call to learn more about your product, objectives and the challenges that are preventing you from achieving those objectives.

Proposal Evaluation

Second, we create a proposal that outlines a full sponsorship package or a more targeted experience strategy based on your needs. You get up to three high-level proposals to consider with clear next steps.

Get Started

Third, we get to work on the details and execution of the plan.

Who We are

You know how we all tell stories about the favorite events we ever attended? We create sponsorships and experiences that put brands in the center of those stories.

Sponsorships can be complex and put a strain on a brand’s financial and human resources, but when done well they are a great way for brands to connect with customers, create brand enthusiasm and drive revenue. At The Market Share Group, we remove the headaches associated with major omnichannel marketing initiatives and help brands create sponsorships and experiences that are targeted, effective and fun! 

Download our Sponsorship Checklist!

Sponsorships that work require omnichannel marketing solutions to be successful. Our sponsorship checklist uses our 8-point framework – The Market Share Compass – to help you identify opportunities and layout a strategy that increases the ROI on your sponsorship investment.

Sponsorships That Work