Sponsorship ROI: Don’t let a good rant go to waste

Mackenzie Hughes’ epic rant re: the current state of the PGA Tour and LIV got a lot of attention this past week. Not surprisingly, the line that got our attention was related to sponsorship entitlement. 

”The LIV threat came along and all of a sudden we started to double the purses, and we’re asking sponsors to double their investment, and we’re giving them the same product… we have the same product that we had in 2019, yet we want this, like, increased investment, not just increased, but increased in a big way.”

This resonated well with us. We work with brands to build omnichannel marketing solutions around sponsorships and events. Our clients have options on where to invest. There are a lot of properties that are very creative and willing to work very hard to solve problems or create opportunities for their sponsors. There are also some that act like it’s the sponsor’s job to cover the escalating costs of being competitive. 

Businesses get paid to solve problems and create opportunities for brands. If we are not doing one of those two things, no one should pay us. If we’re not solving more problems or creating more opportunities, they shouldn’t pay us more. 

If you are looking for sponsorship, you are a business. Like any business you are not entitled to get paid just because you are you or because the economics of your industry have changed. Be clear on the opportunities you create for your sponsors. Avoid “me too” proposals.

Sponsors have options. Sponsors need a return on their investment. Someone is willing to work for that sponsorship investment. If you are interested in golf sponsorship, I’d pick up the phone and call Mackenzie Hughes. Sounds like he gets it. If you are looking for help, we’ll make the call for you.