Breaking Free: The Case for Standalone Experiences

Breaking Free

The Case for Standalone Experiences

Jim Richards

CEO & Founder of The Market Share Group

Events and experiential marketing is continuing its comeback. Great to see some recent buzz around consumer brands doing experiential marketing at local events. But let’s get real: Consumer brands are still too tied to multi-brand marketing initiatives.

When it comes to sponsorships and experiential marketing, consumer brands have shifted away from direct engagement with customers. Instead, they’ve resolved to fund programs that highlight retailers. That’s a missed opportunity. Continued.

Resers Cornhole

With the promise of incremental merchandising and favored nation status with a retailer, it’s easy to think multi-brand programs are a smart move. To be fair, they play a strategic role in your sales strategy. But do they really give you bang for your buck? When you’re one in a crowd of 20 or 30 brands, you’re not impacting your business—you’re just checking a box.

It’s time to take charge. Whether you’re a national or regional brand, consider going solo. It can be a big or small activation but make your brand the star of the show. Be authentic and clear in communicating with consumers. That’s how you create a lasting brand awareness and loyalty.

And don’t worry about retailers. They’ll appreciate your efforts to drive traffic their way. Make sure consumers know where to find your products, and everyone wins.

In short, it’s high time to put your brand back at the center of the consumer’s story. Be memorable. Standalone experiences pay off.