We help consumer brands connect with fans through strategic sports and entertainment sponsorships and events.

Sports and entertainment sponsorships create brand awareness, build customer loyalty and reduce price sensitivity for consumer brands. However, it’s easy for a sponsorship to under-deliver against expectations. That’s because success requires more than putting a patch on a jersey or a logo on a car. What makes sponsorships work is the activation strategy, not placement of logos and signs. We have an 8-point system called the Market Share Compass that helps brands get the maximum return on their sponsorship investment. That’s why brands work with us.

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Sports and entertainment sponsorships and events are a great way to engage with consumers. However, the options can be overwhelming and there are plenty of ways to waste a lot of money. Our experienced team is ready to help you build a marketing solution that drives sales for your brand. There is no need to try and figure this out on your own.

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