Nothing compares to sports and entertainment sponsorships for brand engagement and fan loyalty.

For consumer brands, the path to purchase leads though passionate experiences! Our marketing solutions help you tap into that consumer passion and leverage it in-market, on-site and at the shelf.


Sports and entertainment sponsorships are valuable because of their ability to connect your brand with passionate fans.  However, sponsorships alone are not enough. Without a well thought through activation/business plan, sponsorships are short lived and ineffective.  They become marketing expenses versus marketing investments.

For brands, we simplify what can be overwhelming. We help narrow and direct your investment to the assets that can actually drive your business. For rights holders, we help you narrow your pitch to include the assets that are most valuable to your potential partners.


GEN Z controls over $4 Trillion in annual buying power. Trillion! Now is the time to establish a direct relationship with this generation. Our network of colleges enable brands to intentionally engage with students while they are exploring their independence, establishing lifelong habits and developing relationships with brands.

We are authentically engaging college students through customized, on-campus, branded experiences. Our Campus Blitz events are:
– Created to connect brands with students
– Targeted by gender, region, interests and/or school calendar
– Designed to drive trial, awareness and loyalty


Sports sponsorships that do not move the sales needle are doomed to failure. Our sports & entertainment experience, combined with extensive retail expertise, sets our programs apart! Though all programs do not have a retail component, they are all focused on driving sales.

We ensure your marketing works at the event, in the market and on the shelf.

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Sports and entertainment sponsorships and events are a great way to engage with consumers. However, the options can be overwhelming and there are plenty of ways to waste a lot of money. Our experienced team is ready to help you build a marketing solution that drives sales for your brand. There is no need to try and figure this out on your own.

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