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Chris Mathew – Queen City Soccer Club: Episode 4

Release Date: 05/09/2018
Duration: 00:59:56

Welcome back to the Market Share Sports podcast! We are excited about the feedback we have been receiving from folks inside the sports marketing community. Thanks for listening and telling your friends. 

Our guest today is our good friend Chris Mathew. Chris is the Executive Vice President of Corporate Development & Strategy for the Queen City Soccer Club. We talk about the state of Soccer in the U.S., team sponsorships and Chris’ unique journey to the U.S. and his current career. It’s a good listen. Enjoy!

USL Soccer Team – www.charlotteindependence.com

Major League Lacrosse Team – www.charlottehounds.com

Team Soccer Bar – Jack’s House

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Keywords: Charlotte Independence, Charlotte Hounds, Soccer, Queen City, Chris Mathew, sponsorship

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