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Create an Activation Plan

Activation – The action or process of making something active or operative. At Market Share Sports, we define it as “bringing sponsorships to LIFE!” Rights holders are limited in what they can sell. They excel at creating visibility for your brand with their audience. This is important. We need the consumer awareness. More importantly, you […]


Words are powerful! In the midst of crisis they are even more so. My favorite word right this minute is “Launch”. Every time I see it, I sit up straighter, smile and click. I love seeing folks set things in motion versus sitting back and waiting. I love to see people try something new when […]

You Can’t Do Both (Mar 2017)

@BobPockrass wrote a good article last week re: the unsold inventory among some of the top NASCAR teams. Some teams were very open on the challenges they face in finding sponsors. Selling team sponsorships is particularly tough. Without sponsors, teams cannot compete. I have the utmost respect for those who are willing to accept the […]

Diversity (Nov. 2017) – Jonell Walden, VP of Engagement

Last week social media was buzzing with reactions to insensitive artwork on Corn Pops boxes. The misstep and oversight in the creative process created a firestorm for the Kellogg Company, the Corn Pops brand and their agency partner. It linked them with the Dove/Facebook ad and the Kendall Jenner/Pepsi debacles over the last six months […]

Sponsorship Activation

ac·tiva·tion (aktiˈvāSH(ə)n/) The action or process of making something active or operative. At Market Share Sports we define it as “bringing sponsorships/partnerships to LIFE!” Racing sponsorships present great investment opportunities for brands. There are lots of positive signs for future growth. – National property that can be activated regionally – Large group of loyal fans […]